Thursday, April 22, 2010

Will you be my Andy Warhol?

Sexy Sadie. Sweet Caroline. Barbra Ann. Suite Judy Blue Eyes. Peggy Sue. Roxanne.

Who are these women, and why do their names deserve song title status?
Well, I don't know the answer. Muses, perhaps? Unknown drug references (I suppose that is a muse as well)? All I know that if my name were the title of a song, I could be happy dying. Maybe it's a hunger for fame, having thousands of people drunkenly singing my name while I knowingly grin backstage.
Besides, what does "Katherine" rhyme with anyway? Bo-batherine. That's it. Let's write a song about that.
Yeah "Kat" rhymes with things (mat, bat, hat), but it's not all that aesthetically pleasing.
But, really. To be someone's muse is such an honor. Your whit, your charm, your beauty has inspired this artist to compose a work based from you being you. But then again if you're an idiot and have inspired someone to write a song that, you are the definition of "uncool".

But seriously, where's my Andy Warhol? Your Edie is waiting.
I need someone to be inspired by me.

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