Thursday, April 22, 2010

Principles of Journalism

India's first woman president, Pratibha Patil. She's 75 and still groovy.

I was up late writing a paper for Principles of Journalism, and I mentioned the little lady above. The paper was an analysis of a different country's media (Mine was India) and how they are similar/different from main stream U.S. media. We were to also compare and contrast each country's Code of Ethics for Journalism. Pretty interesting, I suppose. Mr. Wernsman (from here on out, he is known as Wernsy) told us to keep it between 500 and 600 words. Psh. Mine is 817. Booyeah.
But it is now 5:06 a.m. Awesome. Can I get some more time for sleep, please?
Too bad I'm not tired. I could get a whole three hours of sleep before I would need to get up.

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