Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Here is my only justification for a Snuggie:
Sitting, freezing cold, trying to do homework (or in my case, blog). It's just so difficult... I suppose I could just throw on a jacket, right?

I've been meaning to start posting this, but here are some of my favorite Rolling Stone covers:

My first and far most favorite. John and Yoko's portrait, taken by Annie Leibovitz, the morning of his assassination.
I had a picture of this (cut from Rolling Stone, of course) glued to a collage on a trunk in my room during high school. Everyone thought I was such a weirdo for it, but how could I explain the significance behind the picture?

My second favorite picture of Janis. My first is on the cover of Pearl.
Although Pearl had quite a bout with heroin, we have two things in common: native Texans and a certain love of whiskey.

Sir Elton John's cartoon cover, inspired by his song Rocket Man I'm sure.
Need I reiterate how awesome his concert was?
It was bliss.

Mick Jagger is crazy, and I love him for that.

Party on, Wayne. Party on, Garth.
This movie is tubular beyond epic, man.
But seriously-- it is.

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