Friday, May 21, 2010

Destiny! Destiny! No escaping that for me!

I have come to a core-ripping revelation: I do not want to live the life my parents have planned out for me.

Yesterday, my mother said: "When you get back to school, I want you to start going on dates." I laughed, rolled my eyes, and changed the subject, naturally. I find it uncomfortable to talk about such matters with her; I am happy in my current situation (More than happy, really. Gobsmacked is a much better word.). I am not going to school to get my MRS degree, thank you Mother. That is not the ultimate goal of my college education.

It is a defining moment in one's life when they realize they are being led down the wrong path. I believe I had that eye-opening experience tonight:
My brother had a little league baseball game, and while sitting there, I realized I did not belong in such a typical setting. I should've been in some hazy basement, sharing philosophical beliefs with fellow pessimists, aggravated with the current system.
And if I continue this planned course, I would be living a mundane life: carpooling kids, same people at the same cocktail parties, trading the latest gossip from coop to coop like squalling hens... It makes my stomach hurt to think I could end up like this. I know I am much smarter than what suburbia has in store for those fallen to it's gilded ease. Green Peace, perhaps? Or maybe a Pulitzer.
Definitely a Pulitzer.
Yet, it could be my destiny-- ending up like one of the many suburban housewives, cooing over their honor students and lamenting their absent husbands, lost at the hands of the mistress of their doctoral or legal practice.
Could this really be my destiny?

...nah. I'm better than that.


  1. *claps* sounds like a great plan! excellent post.

    Checking out your blog, very cute! I'm now following. Please check out (and hopefully follow) my blog as well.


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