Sunday, June 13, 2010

We've seen so much and done so many things; it's hard for me to keep up with this blog! I'm very sorry for neglecting.

Last night, my host mom and I had a bonding experience over sunburns and watermelon (or "pastèque" in French). I taught her to sift a bit of salt over the watermelon, and I think she liked it. I told her it was a Texas tradition. I showed her my sunburn, and she helped me apply vinegar to it; supposedly, that helps it not peel. I'm not a fan of the remedy because I smelled like I had been bathing in vinegar. If it works, I'm a convert for sure.

Kind of ready to get back to the States. I love it here, and I'm valuing my experience. I do miss everyone though. And my own habits of sleeping, eating, etc.
I've been seriously considering going back vegetarian. I did it for six months a couple of years ago. I can't do it in France because my host mom cooks for me, and I don't know how to tell her that I won't eat meat. Luckily, it's in moderation. There are many valid reasons for doing it: health, animal decency, clean mind and body. There are so many steroids and growth hormones in meat today that it's incredible. I'm sensitive to the process, too. I find it very disheartening to see and read about the cruelty inflicted on these animals.
Check out Paul McCartney's video about animal cruelty: (WARNING: Very graphic.)

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