Thursday, June 3, 2010

How could you not be inspired while in a city as beautiful as this? This was taken in La Place de la Comedie. There is a fountain of the Three Graces in front, but it is under construction. In the center of the picture stands the Opera, complete with the hobos on the steps. To the lower left, there is a beautiful carousel. We haven't tried it out yet, but it looks so fun! To the right, there is a cafe that I enjoy sitting and drinking espresso at almost every morning. I wrote a poem about the building across the Place. It is beautifully designed with residential areas at the top. How would life be if you were to wake up in the morning and live in such a beautiful ville as this?

1 Juin 2010
Furiously writing, pen in hand, to transcribe the beauty I see into mere words:
Buildings, stories high, grazing the clouds as they pass by. Wrought iron balconies where inhabitants must spew their smoke, as to not taint their silk curtains and white washed linens. That dome, royalty held captive by their own accord, houses relics of good times ago.
Look down! Look around at the beauty that surrounds tout le monde. Peasants at cafes and Opera steps begging for cents as to maintain their bohemian lives. What strangers snap memories of monuments below! Are the not accustom to such wonders as this? Trash trucks and motor bikes pollute my expensive heir as pigeon desecrate on the perfect beauty. Greasy men and women dressed as whores meander through my Place, for I am the King of the Square, I say, as I spew smoke from my prison dome.


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  2. it looks soo beautiful there! great photo :)

  3. i always wanted to wake up in a nice hotel and see something that beautiful outside the window.



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